A Brand-New Training Challenge From Tony Laidig!
“Imagine the Satisfaction of Knowing You Finally Created Your First Profitable Product THIS YEAR!”
Let’s Make That Happen Together in 2018 and BEYOND!
One of the most rewarding experiences in life and in business is to see someone else succeed using your expertise and insights. Chances are you've experienced that at some level yourself, whether it was through an online training, a local arts class or a book by your favorite author. Now imagine that YOU were the one who created the product that helped others! Exciting isn't it? 
“So what’s stopping you?”

In my years of creating products of all types, I've found that there are just a few hindrances that stop MOST people dead in their tracks. Any of these sound familiar?
  • Don't know where to begin.
  • Not sure what type of product to create.
  • Unclear on what value can be offered.
  • Afraid of the tech.
  • Don't understand all the moving pieces.
  • Not sure how to let people know about the product.
It sounds like a LOT...and it is...but with knowledgable, step-by-step guidance, YOU can do it, and repeat the process, over and over again!
“Help Is Here...That’s Where I Come In!”
I realized that chances are that all you really need to finally finish your own profitable product is for someone to guide you through the entire process, step-by-step. And what better way to experience that process than to go through it with others who also desire to create profitable products.

To that end, I'm offering you a challenge...a 30-day Challenge to be exact. It's called “Profitable Product Challenge" and here is how it will work...

Over the course of 5 Modules, you will go through the entire process for creating profitable products of different types. And as your teacher and facilitator, I ALSO go through the entire process WITH YOU to create my OWN products...teaching by example. The schedule is as follows:

Module 1: Your Audience and Solving Their Problems
Module 2: Product Types and Which Ones Make Sense for Your Audience
Module 3: Creating Your Product
Module 4: Product Delivery and Follow-up
Module 5: Pre-Sell and Marketing Your Product
Not sure what what type of product to create? 
I'll offer the BEST solutions for your audience.

Never created a product before? 
You'll discover several easy methods to create products your audience will love!

Don't know how to deliver your product? 
I've been doing it for 25 years...I'll show you the easiest ways.

Not sure how to get people to invest in your product? 
We will go through the marketing process step-by-step!
Over the course of the challenge, we cover
everything you need to plan, create and market
your own Profitable Product! 
As you can see below from the few examples of the MANY products I’ve created,
your profitable products are NOT just limited to the “biz-op” market! 
Profitable Products ALSO aren't just about creating digital courses (although you can certainly take that approach). There are nearly limitless types of products you can create, from digitally-based courses, PDFs and books to physical product bundles, POD products and MUCH more!
So Info Products ARE Worth My Time?
You Tell Me...Here Are Just a Few of MANY Examples...
Kristen got an idea to create a template bundle. In her 1st 4 days she made $13,705 from that $27 set of PDFs. To Date: $58,227!
Coloring Books...
I introduced the Coloring Book niche in a module on Proven Content. My first course on the topic: $45,552.50. To Date including additional courses and bundles: $185,496.50!
Children's Book Strategies...
Created a beginner course using freely-taught content. 600 sales to date at $27. $16,200 total.
Here Is a Special, Limited-Time Offer JUST for You...
Normally, your investment for the FULL Profitable Product Challenge would be just $297 total for the full training (plus bonuses)! When you consider what it would cost to hire designers, writers, tech developers and more...the cost is very nominal. Plus, you get ME...a 25-year graphic design professional, expert teacher and publisher who knows his stuff!

However, for a limited time, I'm offering a special, "let's do this" year-end discount...
$297 $147 $97
(A $200 Savings...)
To help you get ready for the challenge, I've included TWO excellent courses...
  • Public Domain Profit Strategies: In “Public Domain Profit Strategies,” I take you through the entire derivative product creation process using a 75 year-old book I found at a flea market for $3. As I explain and demonstrate every step of the process, you will discover how SIMPLE this creation strategy really is. $97 Value!
  • Easy Product Expert: In this comprehensive, brand-new training series, you will discover how to create successful information products, books and more from an expert who has created HUNDREDS of successful information products, books and more. $297 Value!
Join the “Profitable Product Challenge” Today...Only $691 $147 $97!  LIMITED TIME!
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Please Note: Due to the nature, size and scope of this challenge, no refunds will be given. 
I have provided all the details necessary for you to make an educated buying decision.
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